The Mission

Fact: This is a bad time to try and enter the writing market.

While I successfully wrangled a summer job dishing out frozen yogurt, there are many others who do not experience the minimum-wage joys of digging raspberries out of heavy machinery. You may have noticed, jobs everywhere are drying up faster than Katy Perry’s career. Print mediums in particular are suffering as a result of thrifty consumers and the internet’s ample free content. Some ask whether print publication will even exist in  twenty years’ time.

I’ve dreamed of being a writer since I wrote my first crayon who-dunnit on my mother’s legal pad. I’ve read my way through entire libraries, paying special attention to guides for writers– from Noah Lukeman’s “The First Five Pages” to all the market guides. I persevered, even though a great deal of advice pretty much amounted to:

1. Give up.

2. No, seriously. A professional writer lives in his own filth and must fight rabid dogs for food. Give up.

3. Please?I had a hard enough time securing this publication.

But now I’m supposed to accept I’ve “missed the boat”? That by the time I’ve reached I’ve reached a Stephen King-like vintage, books will be gone?

Does not compute.

I’m eighteen and I love stories. I also don’t think I’m alone. Generation Y will have it’s storytellers, just like every generation before it. I feel like the new technology surrounding us should mean more opportunities, not less.

That’s why I’ve created this blog. At eighteen, I realize my writing is flawed; that I haven’t had years of experience in love and loss. However, I believe my perspective may be valuable all the same, and that by sharpening my skills early (and perhaps failing admirably) I may later succeed in a field where many have hit a wall.

So what does this all translate into?

Mission 1: I will begin the fine-tuning of a writing portfolio.

Mission 2: I will target possible publication opportunities, and document the (mostly) trials and (some) tribulations of entering the market as a young writer.

Mission 3: I shall overcome! I’m determined to regard each rejection letter as a miniature success in motivation and mobilization.

I’ve also been frustrated by the patronizing tone of resources for young writers, and how hard it is to locate advice that doesn’t involve either a everyone-is-a-shining-star or do-us-all-a-favor-and-kill-yourself-or-do-you-perhaps-have-extra-food? tone.

Mission 4: In-depth reviews of books/magazines/websites intended for writers. I’ve worked hard to find the best, now maybe I can save you the trouble!

My hope is that this blog will become something useful, interesting, and entertaining for other writers (whether hobbyists or would-be professionals). I’d love your feedback!


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