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Here’s a brief description of some of the things I’ve been up to over the past months.

Creative Writing Club

I’ve gotten active with the club at my university. It was great support for…

National Novel Writing Month!

I spent the month of November writing a 50,000 word novel (you can too at It was insane, and it was glorious! I was actually very pleased with the result, although it’s going to need a lot of editing. I decided to expand one of my short stories (The Girl with the Clockwork Heart) which became the Odd Doctor’s Collection. Here’s the summary:

It’s the autumn of 1848 when scholar Jacob Welby travels to the isolated Alpine region of Maldetta. A fateful blizzard strikes, separating him from his guide and nearly claiming his life. Jacob is rescued by the villagers of Altinum, but not before glimpsing a strange apparition in the snow. As Jacob records the strange and whimsical folklore of the region, he begins to unravel the truth of a centuries-old mystery.

The novel totaled at around 59k, although I’ll need to expand it quite a bit (to around 75k) to be average novel size. I learned a lot, especially about the setting (Venetian Slovenia). I’ve started in on the second draft, which will involve fixing some rather gaping plot-holes, continuity issues, etc. I think I can safely say that this novel was the first time I really fell in love with some of my characters. I adore the romance that kind of blossomed unintentionally, and I really hope that this novel can find a good home in the future.

Short Shorts

I have three flash fictions I’d really love to polish and submit to one of the school’s literary magazines. Descriptions:

“A Window”: A obsessive hermitĀ  breaks out of his self-imposed prison to help a fallen bird.

“Selchie”: Annie contemplates a love lost to the sea.

“The Arrival”: When a heavenly messenger arrives in Central Station, only one man will hear her out.

Fairy Tales

I really love writing these, and I think that it’s kind of an underdeveloped sub-genre. However I tried something a little new this December. I picked a couple of Grimm’s Fairy Tales at random, and tried some unorthodox interpretation.

“Lamb’s Heart” (based on Brother Frolick): In post-war France, a murder goes unpunished.

“Bearskin” (based on the story of the same name): A bet between two rival cousins leads to a seven year search for vengeance.

Preparations for Submission

I’ve been editing “Guitar Ashes” for submission to the Claremont Review, and am considering editing an older murder mystery story for submission to Allegory Ezine. I’ve been stalking other member’s publishing histories on Critique Circle to find good venues!


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